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Helping you make a smart move.

Questions about Buying or Selling?

Buy. Sell. Rent. Invest.

First-time home buyer?

From experience, I can say that one of the greatest joys in life, is the joy of home ownership.  It is so rewarding to find a home that you can call your own, one that you feel proud to come home to every day.

I would love to help you find that home and to witness you feel that satisfaction!

Painting a New Wall
Fertility Egg Freezing

House too small?

It's incredible how quickly what once felt like ample space can suddenly feel like it's closing in on you.  You can add two feet to your house and the whole house feels smaller!   

Time to upsize?  Let me help you find your dream home, in your desired neighbourhood.

House too big?

Are you finding that suddenly your family home feels a bit too big?  Or maybe the thought of another summer mowing the lawn and another winter shovelling the walkway leaves you exhausted.  
Maybe you are ready to downsize to something more manageable.  Perhaps you would even enjoy the ease of condo-living.  Either way, let's talk!

Moving Boxes

Estate Sales & Power of Attorney

It is an emotional process when a family member's house can no longer be the family home it has been.  You have enough to think about already, this shouldn't add any extra unnecessary stress. 

I would be honoured to help you navigate through this process and to make it as smooth as possible for you.

Other Life Changes

Separation, divorce, work relocations, changes in financial situations...

...some things in life just aren't expected, but one thing you can count on, is me to help you move through it.

Country Road
Modern Villa

Development Opportunities

Have a passion for renovations and home building?  Let me help you find your next development opportunity.

No matter what your real estates needs may be, give Mary Dooley Thiffault a call today.

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